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 Goodna General cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Queensland and was established in 1859 by the NSW Government before Qld became a state in 1879.  It is also one of the very few cemeteries which is still community operated in the region and is the only community operated cemetery within the Ipswich City council area.  This means that the cemetery is operated and administered by the Goodna Cemetery Trust which exists as an elected group of members.  The Trust controls any decisions or actions made relating to the cemetery.  Heritage Park Crematorium leases the north eastern corner of the site and contained in the terms of the lease is responsible for the general maintenance of the cemetery.


The Goodna General Cemetery is located approximately 15km east of Ipswich City and 20 km west of Brisbane.  It is seviced by Stuart Street and accessed via the Ipswich Motorway to the north and Redbank Plains Road to the south.  The cemetery is located within the residential suburb of Goodna and within the Local Government Area of Ipswich City Council.



About Goodna General Cemetery

Our Heritage


Athought the first date recorded in the Burial Register was the burial of a 9 week old baby named Elias Davies on November 28th 1873, there are more than 30 names listed prior to this entry.  In fact, there are a number of headstones with dates of death prior to 1873 and many of the monuments or headstones within the cemetery mark graves with names which do not appear in the Burial Register.


Our Staff



Helen Gilmour - Treasurer (Primary contact)

Paul Tully - Secretary

Victor Attwood - Sexton

Frank Leslie - President

Dirk Boonstoppel


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